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Treatment for Children's Hearing Loss

Hearing Aid Selection

Stella Hearing | Việt Nam

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      A child's early years are important for speech and language learning. Finding the best hearing aids for your child will help. But testing hearing aids on children is not the same as testing adults. Adults can tell the audiologist if the hearing aid is too soft or too loud, or if it is working correctly. Babies and young children cannot do this. It is important to work with a pediatric audiologist who has experience fitting and testing hearing aids on young children. Hearing aids must be set carefully for each child. When choosing what hearing aids are needed for a child, the audiologist will consider some important information:

        • The degree and type of the child's hearing loss.

        • The durability of the hearing aid.

        • The service from the manufacturer.

        • The hearing aid's ability to connect to other devices that are used in school.

Supporting Children with Hearing Loss

Stella Hearing | Việt Nam

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        If you’ve just learned that your child has a hearing loss or is just getting started with hearing aids, don’t feel that.Below are some suggestions for encouraging healthy hearing and building self-esteem in your child:

    • Encourage your child to speak for himself/herself.

    • Help your child describe his/her hearing loss in age-appropriate language. Most kids can understand that hearing aids are like eyeglasses, only they’re for hearing better rather than seeing better.

    • Treat your child the same as you treat his/her siblings. Don’t be afraid to set high expectations.

    • Give your child an age-appropriate level of responsibility and demonstrate the confidence you have in his/her abilities.

    • Teach your child how to verbalize his/her needs with confidence. You can try role-playing to help him/her find appropriate ways to tell friends, teachers and other adults what he/she needs to hear better.

    • Continue to discuss hearing loss with your child, but not to the extent that your child’s identity is based on his/her hearing loss, and so he/she is known first for his/her other characteristics and qualities.

    • Encourage your child to face others who are speaking and to work hard at paying attention.

    • Consider introducing your child to happy, successful adults with hearing losses. They will see how hearing loss doesn’t hold people back from doing what they want to do.

Preparing for Life at School

Stella Hearing | Việt Nam

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        Just as positive encouragement, support and the cultivation of independence is important at home, it also plays a role in your child’s school and extracurricular activities.

     Meet with the school’s administrators and your child’s teachers to identify your child’s specific needs.

     Ask if the school has educational assistants, an educational hearing healthcare professional or a speech pathologist to assist your child in and outside of the classroom.

     Have your child meet with his/her teacher before school begins to establish a mutual comfort level.

     Work with your child’s teacher to create a classroom that will offer an ideal listening environment for your child.

     Encourage your child’s teacher to incorporate a segment on hearing into the classroom learning. This can include some discussion of hearing loss - even a show and tell by your child about his/her hearing aids.

     Show your child’s teacher how the hearing aids work including replacing batteries.

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