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Stella Hearing | Việt Nam

                                A lot of people who noticed their hearing loss meet the question whether refer to medication or surgery or hearing aids

- The conductive hearing loss patient whose hearing loss is caused by a foreign body, cerumen or tumor in the ear canal or middle ear infection has to go to ENT doctor for removing foreign body or cerumen in the ear canal or for surgery.

- The patients who got chronic otitis media could restore hearing from surgery including tympanoplasty, myringoplasty, mastoidectomy only when their hearing loss is conductive.

- The conductive hearing loss patients caused by otosclerosis could restore hearing by stapedectomy.

- The mixed hearing loss patients who have got chronic otitis media or otosclerosis could restore hearing to some extent but not to normal level.

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Cochlear Implant

dieu tri benh khiem thinhdieu tri khiem thinh

If you have profound hearing loss, a cochlear implant may be an option for you. There has been considerable controversy over cochlear implants but some studies show that if implanted at a very young age, some profoundly impaired children can acquire effective hearing and speech, particularly if supported by appropriate rehabilitation such as auditory-verbal therapy. But a lot of audiologists are against the cochlea implants and prefer to wait till the Gene or Stem cell therapy will be available for treatment in near future.

Gene Therapy and Stem Cell Therapy

cay gen

A 2008 study has shown that gene therapy targeting Atoh 1 can cause hair cell growth and attract neuronal processes in embryonic mice. And also stem cell therapy under clinical test stage shows that disabled part of human body could be restored. It is hoped that a similar treatment will one day ameliorate hearing loss in humans.

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Tel: (04) 35 766 306


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Tel: (058) 351 44 55

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